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There is a myth about breast reduction exercises and whether or not they actually help reduce the size of breasts. Many women suffer from chronic back pains and neck pains to the pressure caused from large breasts. These types of discomforts are so agonizing that more and more women today are having their breast sizes reduced. The procedures for breast reduction include surgery or natural herbal pills which both have a positive track record of success. However, there are many circulating questions as to whether a woman can significantly reduce the size of her breasts through targetted breast reduction exercises.

Is it possible to shrink cup sized simply by doing a few breast reduction exercises regularly? Well, yes and no. First of all, the truth is that breast reduction exercises do not necessarily reduce breast size. Instead what they do is tighten up the chest muscles, giving an impression that the breasts have been firmly lifted. By practicing breast reduction exercises, you may bring about changes that help shape up your breast such as changes in the arm circles. However these changes can vary from person to person as muscle genetics will definitely come into play.

Breast reduction exercises can have various effects on different women. For instance, most breast reduction exercises will firmly tone up the muscle tissue that lies beneath the glandular and the fatty tissue of the breast. Therefore, there is a relationship between the proportion of glandule and fatty tissues to the amount of muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue found in the breast, the more opportunity to firm up the chest muscles exist, hence increasing the illusion that the breasts have shrunk. However, there are no documented breast reduction exercises that will actually reduce the amount of glandular tissue and since most large breasts have an abundance of glandular tissue, chances are breast reduction exercises will not give you the results you are looking for.

On the other hand, there are some women whose large breasts consist mostly of fatty tissue and glandular tissue. Fatty tissue can be burned off through proper dieting and cardiovascular exercise. By reducing the amoung of body fat in your body, you breasts will most certainly shrink. However, there is no way to spot reduce fat which means that you will only be able to lose body fat evenly throughout the body. Since everyone's genetics are different from one another, some women may lose more body fat from their thighs at first, while others may lose body fat faster from around their waist. However, by reducing your body fat significantly, there is a good chance that your breast size will eventually be reduced.

Breast reduction exercises are definitely worth a try. It does not involve expensive surgery nor will you run the risk of any side effects. The worst thing that can happen is that you will tone up your chest muscles and increase your metabolic rate which will ultimately serve your health needs.

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